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Book Swapping

Every semester oikos Lausanne organises its famous book fair at HEC Lausanne Student can find oikos Lausanne stand from Monday 24 September to Thursday 27 September every day in...

Conference: The Future of Mobility

On October 9, oikos Lausanne will host a conference on the Future of Mobility. Keynote speakers will be Mr. David Bottone, a Store Manager at Tesla Lausanne and Prof....

Integrated Project: Track 4 – IBM

The Challenge: Due to climate change, the frequency of natural disasters has quadrupled since 1970 and is estimated to affect around 1.7 billion people every year, leading to deaths,...

Integrated Project: Track 3 – Penstable

Due to falling birth rates and a rapidly ageing population, Europe is facing an immense change in demography. Ensuring that the growing number of retirees receive a sufficient income...

Integrated Project: Track 2 – Pylon Network

Due to the energy industry’s high entry barriers, the adoption of available advanced technologies, such as smart meters and energy efficiency improvements, are slowed down. The Spain based startup,...

Alumni Get Together

Alumni Meeting in Paris, September 25th, at 7:30pm Come have a drink and meet other oikos alumni in Fluctuat Nec Mergitur café, 18, place de la République, 75010 Paris,...

oikos Conference

oikos Conference, organised by oikos St.Gallen, offers exciting speeches and workshops from experts of a variety of different fields. This year the oikos Conference will be all about Sharing...
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