Join the Pilot Study of TASK – The Assessment of Sustainability Knowledge by Sulitest!

Our friends from Sulitest are inviting students to join the Pilot Study of TASK from 31 October to 18 November 2022. Sign up form.

The certificate, at the heart of the Sulitest movement

In order to build a sustainable world, it is imperative to improve the knowledge, skills and mindset on sustainable development among a large number of people, especially decision-makers. It’s also imperative to have students at the heart of the Sulitest/TASK Certificate.

While the world and organizations do need experts capable of solving some of the specific problems in their field, given the stakes, interconnections, and deadlines, it is now essential to massify the sustainability literacy movement by working with young people and ensuring that an increasing number of graduates and professionals have sufficient understanding to integrate sustainable development into their professional practices and decisions.

This is the mission of the Sulitest movement, which provides universities and organizations with the tools to integrate sustainability education into their institutions, programs, and courses. But to be effective, it is also essential to be able to measure this knowledge at the individual and cohort levels. The Awareness Test offered on the Sulitest platform allows for the identification of major trends that are already very useful. However, as a training tool, the flexibility offered to educators and the very structure of the test do not currently allow for an accurate measurement of knowledge of sustainable development.

A standard to massify the movement

By launching the first international certificate of knowledge on sustainable development, Sulitest intends to create the standard that is essential to change the system. This standard will act as a lever so that understanding sustainable development is not a luxury reserved for students in dedicated masters’ programs or activists committed to certain causes, but the common language of all students regardless of their training.

A robust measurement tool that can be easily integrated into any course or program, this certificate will provide relevant data for measuring, monitoring, and steering the spread of this common language. By becoming an essential standard, it will have a massive impact in making sustainable development “mainstream” and no longer be a privilege of experts only.

The critical role of Students, Student Networks and other Youth Organisations.

Unless we bring sustainability knowledge, skill and mindset into education, we will not make the environmental, social and economic advances we need in our increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world.

Our vision is a new generation of change makers that are informed, committed and empowered to make a meaningful and lasting impact. Society needs individuals and teams equipped to navigate uncertainty and to confront the complex issues we are all faced
with such as the climate and biodiversity crisis and rising inequality. TASK makes this vision

TASK needs students and their organisations to endorse TASK and become Ambassadors for its mission. Work with us to encourage your students’ universities and colleges to commit to using TASK. Help us ensure the TASK Certificate meets their needs and ensure they thrive in a more sustainable world.

Interested? Sign up by filling this form!

For more information – check out the TASK presentation.

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oikos International

posted October 27, 2022

This might be for you.

Meet the new oikos International Board for 2023

The oikos Community has elected a new oikos International Board at the Legislative Meeting on Sunday 16 October!

These are the six amazing oikees who will be part of the Board for 2023:

Abdulbaki Ahmad

“I am Abdulbaki Ahmad with a B.Eng in Electrical Engineering. I am the founder of African Youth for Sustainability and Action on Climate Change (AYSACC) and also the Renewable Energy and Technical Services Officer at Center for Renewable Energy and Action Change (CREACC-NG). I was recently selected as a talent for the 2022 Hack of the UNLEASH Global Lab for the SDGs; accepted as LEAP YOUth Fellow of oikos International and published by the United Nations Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (UNU-IAS). I was also selected as a Fellow for the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Regional Leadership Center (RLC), West Africa and as part of the Working Group for the Regional Conference of Youth (RCOY) Africa.

As a black person from the Global South, I believe my joining the board will help step up the diverse outlook of oikos International. For, it is my belief that to achieve sustainability on a global scale we need different people from different (social) backgrounds with different experiences to offer their different quotas towards the cause of sustainability. It is this unique, distinct and crucial experience that I want to bring to the board.

I feel I would be a great asset to oikos International considering my track record in sustainability and the strides I have already taken towards its realization in my immediate society—in particular—and the globe—in general—through organizations such as YOUNGO (the official youth constituency of the UNFCCC) and the United Nations Environment Program Major Group for Children and Youth (UNEP MGCY). At YOUNGO, for example, I had volunteered as part of the Partnerships and Funds Team of African Youth Mobilization for COP (AYM4COP) Campaign and as part of the Working Group of the 2022 Regional Conference of Youth (RCOY) Africa.

I believe engaging with the international board will help me forge a network with other young leaders which, by consequence, will help me learn, share and deepen my skills in leadership, communication and strategy (among others) while also getting the opportunity to learn the running of a nonprofit at a global level. I have known oikos as excellent leadership hub, and hence my believe that it would give me the perfect environment to acquire these skills. Rest assured that I would give the board my optimal best. I plan to dedicate 600+ hours within the next one year for this task.”

Lauriane Dietrichs

“My name is Lauriane Dietrichs and I am graduated with a BBA Marketing Degree and a Master of Science in Creative Business and Social Innovation at EDHEC Business school and I currently live in New York. I am currently Alternative Fundraising Manager, and I am highly motivated to intensify my involvement at oikos by being part of the board for the upcoming year.

At the international level I joined in June 2019 the re-organizing oikos working group and it made me understand the importance of oikos international network and everything that it can bring to a local level. This realization took all its meaning in October and November 2019 when I attended the FutureLab in Geneva followed by the Francophone meeting in Brussels. Meeting fellow oikees from all around the world was an amazing experience and it strengthen my bond with the community. In early 2020 I took part in the project NexGenLead in close relationship with Marcelo to develop this exciting project. We started at the brainstorming phase to find the format that will fit the need of students and teachers. I reach out to business schools in France to partner with them on this project. I later joined the communications work group and was able to give my input on the website design and the visual identity of the event. Parallelly I was a Student Voice for PRME Instagram account for 2 months at the end of 2020.

As Alternative Fundraising Manager at oikos international since 2021 I developed competences in running crowdfunding campaigns raising over $13k in the first year on Global Giving. I have handled communication and donor management around the campaigns ran with Global Giving while parallelly
developing and onboarding other platforms like TGE to expand options for our donors and diversify our sources of revenue. I worked with Salesforce and Air table to build our donor database and worked with our website designers to create the donation page on our website. I am a quick learner and adapter and I have a high interest for the subject. I am also a problem solver, a competence that I acquired by working in two start-ups, I also have a lot of experience organizing various type of events: professional, aimed for students, physical & virtual. I have a degree in digital marketing, and I believe my competences in management, communication with experience in the corporate world would bring a lot for a nonprofit like oikos. I have 4+ years’ experience working as Marketing Manager for a US firms which taught me a lot of communication and organizational skills.

I am passionate about sustainability, and therefore in 2019 I did a 6-months internship for a nonprofit
that promotes green mobility. I took care of the organization of a professional conference as well as
enrollments for the annual membership and sponsorship programs.”

Mandapati Naga Sai Asha Reddy

“I always believe in the quote by Paulo Coelho, which said “When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you achieve it”. The strong will to create a positive impact in the society is what I am passionate about, and I believe that oikos is such a platform for all the change agents like me to make this happen.

It has been around one and half year since I have joined SIGMA-oikos Jamshedpur. As a chapter member from the last one year, I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects like Daan Utsav-Joy of Giving week, Social Entrepreneurship Conclave, Positive Impact Rating etc., Though COVID-19 has posed many challenges but we as a team sailed through the rough phase. This year we are working on new collaborations with different stakeholders like Forest department and NGOs for cleaning drives, awareness programs for villagers, donations, live projects etc., All my experiences with these student engagement activities have taught me leadership, team building and time management skills. As a board member what I would bring to the table is the strong sense of responsibility and passion.

My active participation and interaction with many chapters across the globe in the LEAP program has led me to closely understand how the oikos works. Here, I have seen how passionate people gather, encourage, support each other and create wonders. I have got the opportunity to create changes on a small scale by participating through many other activities like House calls, Transformation Education squad etc., What I am hoping is to create and implement the changes to bring a large impact as a board member leveraging my responsibility. I hope to get elected and see myself in the position of VP – Chapter and Community development. With my experience of working in teams, human resource management etc., I would work on understanding the needs of different chapters, empowering them with resources and opportunities to grow and enhance between them.”

Manuela Montaño Ortiz

“Due to my participation in different extra curricular activities, I have developed abilities that turn me into a well-rounded, hardworking, creative and resourceful person. For instance, the volunteering activities I hav e done have not only made me a more socially responsible person, with a keen interest in helping vulnerable communities, but they also taught me how to manage complicated situations. Additionally, having done an exchange in Canada and studying in Spain, while having grown up in Colombia, has taught me to adapt to different cultures and situations, while taking into consideration the cultural differences one can find and learning from them. Furthermore, I am a very proactive and responsible person, as well as a fast learner. During my time in oikos Barcelona I have led several teams and learned to work with different types of people , managing many projects and departments, at the same time . This has allowed me to develop abilities in multitasking, without sacrificing results , and in rapidly identifying possible risks and providing solutions to them. Finally, being involved in many activities, while having a good academic performance, has taught me t o manage time efficiently and to prioritize activities, in order to deliver the best possible results.

Sustainability is a core value for me and oikos is a part of who I am. I did not know I could fall in love even more with oikos, but this summer during the oikos Camp, I did. This, combined with my all-in kind of personality, means that I will go above and beyond for the organization. This is key because I have many skills as a consequence of the different activities I have carried on throughout my life, but it is my passion and commitment to oikos that will move me to develop the skills I might be lacking, to improve the ones that need improving and to keep nurturing my strengths, in order to become a better board member every day.”

Anna Müller

“Sustainable development to me means developing the world collaboratively and deeply listen to different viewpoints provided by a diverse range of people and nationalities. I am convinced that we can learn a lot from each other and that we can only together break down outdated economic and political structures in order to create more peaceful, sustainable and responsible ones. This requires communities like oikos.

In order to be able to continue to offer the great range of projects oikos international has, I would like to become a board member. Personal development is particularly important to me, which is the basis for more peaceful communication in our networked and globalized world. Furthermore, it is important to me that employees, such as those working for the oikos international team, are informed about their legal rights and possibilities. With my background in Swiss law, I have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out clarifications. I would be happy to support the community by answering questions in this area. In addition, I would be closer to the team to observe the existing needs, in the function of a board

Lillia Yang

“Since a couple of months I am engaging very actively with different ideas, a very concrete project oC (oikos Consulting) known as “oikos SBM” from the oikos Camp that should be embedded in oikos international and then spread out to different chapters worldwide. I already built a team of currently 6 people working closely with me and supporter around us with expertise in the field of strategy development, research, team building, entrepreneurship and more. The reason why I invested so much time and heart into it is rooted by the gratitude I am keeping inside me towards the whole oikos community and the awesome LEAP program I was lucky to be part of the last years. It not only taught me what my strengths and weaknesses were but especially also what I want to do with my life and what
my purpose is.

This clarity is reflected in the work I am currently doing as a PhD student that is connecting different universities, research center and the industry as well as students that are interested and want to be part of a transformative work environment.

I deeply believe in living the values of clarity, transparency, trust, respect, taking care of each other, active listening, love, and tolerance. Those and more values are anchored in my current project and we are building a structure that is giving space for every individual to grow, to learn, to contribute and to develop their strengths, This is something that I perceive as “the first seeds of change”. How are we treating each other? How are we living as an example and leading as a role model? Those and more questions are keeping me awake, keeping me motivated and I will dedicate my next years if not my life to further explore it.”

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oikos International

posted October 21, 2022

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Kano and St. Andrews elected full oikos chapters

We’re delighted to announce that oikos Kano and oikos St. Andrews were given the full chapter status by the vote of oikos Community at the Legislative Meeting on 16 October.

The two chapters have presented the outstanding work they’ve been doing and what was acomplished at their respective local universities since their foundation as chapters. It is worth noting that the two chapters are relatively young members of our community, yet showed an incredible motivation and devotion in making their campus more sustainable.

oikos Kano and oikos St. Andrews are also two of the five chapters hosting oikos Academy at their unniversities, giving the program representation at the Bayero University Kano in Nigeria and University of St. Andrews in Scotland, UK.

Congratulations to the two chapters! We’re eager to see more of their work in the future!

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oikos International

posted October 20, 2022

This might be for you.

[CLOSED] Join our team: We’re looking for a Fundraising Volunteer

Love the work oikos International does? 

Help us fundraise to make our projects reality. Join to work in our Fundraising Circle to connect with our partners, practice grant writing, and outreach to corporations. 

We’re looking for volunteers that can research and connect us to individuals that want to expand the impact our student projects can have.

Message me or send an email to to join.

What is the oikos Fundraising Initiative?

oikos International fundraising centers around raising money to support the organization and programming for a global community of university students. The volunteer would help secure funds to host events and workshops around Transforming Education and Leadership Development. 

oikos seeks funding from organizations that align with values around sustainable development and empowering change agents. Funds are raised through foundations, governmental agencies, and corporations. 

What are the responsibilities of the oikos volunteer & what is the estimated time commitment?

The purpose of the role is to take on responsibilities in fundraising for our initiatives. As a volunteer, you would help strategizing our roadmap and researching and applying to different organizations. 

The time commitment is flexible, with an estimation of 2-3h/week on a self-paced, virtual basis. The volunteer will start in the fall of 2022 and the position will be focused on the project closing into next year. Having knowledge / experience with  oikos is a plus but we welcome and appreciate volunteers from outside the organization that can bring us a new perspective. .

Tasks can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Researching organizations to apply for funding from 
  • Sharing findings and making recommendations for funding applications
  • Networking with organizations and outreach to them
  • Answering comments & emails
  • Manage our crowdfunding platform: writing projects, thank donors etc
  • Update our Fundraising Database on a regular basis
  • Research alternative fundraising revenue streams for oikos

What will you get from joining the team?

  • Impact the education of university students around the world while practicing co-creation around programming and events 
  • Work experience in a virtual project setting with the opportunity to shape a projects strategy and milestones #projectmanagementskills
  • Become part of a network of student change agents & alumni, all working for a more just & sustainable tomorrow
  • Work with purpose in a multicultural, dynamic, international team that puts a high value on walking the talk and innovating ways of working
  • Learn about the day-to-day working of an international organization and gain insights into the global opportunities and challenges of international NGOs
  • Gain experience in working remotely in a virtual office
  • Connect to an extensive network of various NGOs
  • Develop skills and hands-on experience in fundraising

Who are our volunteers?

Volunteers are autonomous members of the International team, trusted with particular projects in a certain area. They become part of our teams and take real responsibility in making oikos work.

Are you interested in joining our Crew? Contact us via email or directly apply here!

Apply with this link.

Our Mission

Economics and Management purposed for a sustainable world.

Our Vision

To transform economics and management education by empowering student change agents, raising awareness for sustainability opportunities and challenges, and building institutional support for curriculum reform.

About oikos

oikos is an international student-driven organization for sustainability in economics and management. Founded in 1987 in Switzerland, we today empower leaders to drive change towards sustainability worldwide. With almost 50 chapters, 1,000 active members, and 10,000+ alumni we have a broad community of sustainability leaders. 

Our programs embed environmental and social perspectives in faculties for economics and management. They comprise conferences, seminars, speeches, simulation games and other initiatives to transform teaching and research. They promote the integration of sustainability in curricula and provide platforms for learning, creating and sharing solutions.

The heart of our organization are our student members who turn ideas into action, currently in 48 oikos chapters around the world. They are supported by a global community of oikos alumni, advisors, faculty, and partners, as well as an international team working remotely across the globe.

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oikos International

posted October 20, 2022

This might be for you.

Community coming together – What is oikos AGORA?

The oikos AGORA is the NEW ‘central square’ for our community gatherings. Every week, oikees from around the world, coming from different chapters & houses, are joining in the center. We get together and do what we do best: sharing our stories, learning from and with each other & exploring our impact in the world.

Gathering as a community is a practice that is as old as humanity itself. Throughout history, across all cultures in different environments, people would come together with fellow community members to exchange, discuss and learn from each other. In ancient Greek, the language that also gave name to our organization, this central square, forum, was called AGORA, hence we saw it fitting to give the same name to the event which gathers the whole oikos Community.

At oikos, our connection within the network helps us to accomplish the transformations we envision. Whenever we come together, we take a stand to build these relationships & weave the international oikos community. There’s plenty of opportunity, both onsite, and now also online – in our very own oikos AGORA!

We’ve set the base for the regular online Community gatherings with the Community Hours over the past few years, and with the AGORA, we wanted to put to use the learnings and insights we’d made hosting it, allong with recognizing & listening to some of the needs of our Community. In a new format – AGORA will have a weekly gathering, which creates space for more engaggement opportunities for the Community, as well as open up new possibilities for oikees to learn and get more familiar with a wide variety of topics, while building meaningful relationships. Not only will the new format offer a diversity of topics, but also present opportunities for different facilitators – from members of the oikos International initiatives, to oikos Squads, individual oikos Chapters or oikos Houses jointly hosting sessions.

The weekly rhythm is designed to be accessible for all (also taking into consideration the fact that our Community is spread out in the different time zones), and invites different members of the oikos Community to host each other. Everyone can join and come just as they are, no preparation or language skills required.

As we prepare for the start of the new semester and all the exciting AGORAs coming your way soon, we look forward to seeing on TUESDAYS, starting October!

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oikos International

posted October 6, 2022

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Board Applications deadline extended and another Q&A Call date set

We have decided to extend the applications deadline for candidates for the 2023 oikos International Board, with the new deadline 23:59h CEST on Wednesday, 5 October! More about the requirements, process and how to apply for the Board.

On top of that, we will also be hosting another Q&A & Info Call as a space for potential candidates to get more clarity and questions answered if they ahve any. The Call will take place on Tuesday, 4 October at 14h CEST at the oikos Virtual Office Zoom – link to join.

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oikos International

posted October 2, 2022

This might be for you.