Happy 2015!

05 January 2015 | News

“We wish you all a very happy 2015! We look forward to a year filled with inspiring initiates. As stewards, we wish to support you in achieving your goals and accomplish our common mission: implementing change in the field of sustainable economics and management. We aim at investing our energies to empower students and faculty around the world to realize the change they seek and become responsible leaders for the present and future. Let’s rock it together in 2015!” – oikos International Executive Board 2015 “I wish 2015 to be a more sustainable year than last one. And we are the part of these changes and innovations. We are the future and 2015 is just one more stage towards... »

Interview with Liudmila Chambers

05 December 2014 | News

Former oikos PhD Fellow, Liudmila Chambers, has won the Best Management Thesis Award 2014 from the University of St. Gallen. The oikos Newsteam has interviewed her to celebrate her achievement and discuss her learnings.  How would you describe yourself as a person? What are your drives and passions?  It is probably not surprising that the first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking how to describe myself is my strong belief that the nature is too beautiful and people are too valuable to destroy them with irresponsible businesses practices. I truly believe that an alternative approach to business is possible and that it is our responsibility to find it. So I would describe myself as an engaged researcher... »

oikos Presidents’ Meeting 2014

02 December 2014 | News

oikos Presidents from more than 30 oikos Chapters trickled into the scenic and serene town of St. Gallen on Friday 7th November. The first day kicked-off with an ice-breaking session. The participants had a ball getting to know each other through a series of fun-filled activities. Post the ice-breakers, oikos International Presidents, Lenka Parkanova and Anita Negri, charted out a roadmap for the Presidents’ Meeting portraying the Meeting’s journey as one going from sensing to learning and sharing and culminating in actions. After lunch, presidents were confronted with a session named “What Really Matters…”. Presidents highlighted a multitude of issues that concern them from economic thinking to inclusive development. This activity led them to reflect on how these... »

FutureLab 2014 – Where ideas are born

02 December 2014 | News

The oikos FutureLab 2014 saw more than 120 participants from 18 countries, belonging to diverse fields and backgrounds gather at a unique forum for idealization and impact. The participants included not just students but oikos alumni, NGO representatives, top-notch faculty members and an extensive array of partners who support our initiatives. The FutureLab kicked-off with a session entitled “Building the Bridge”. The former President, Lenka Parkanova, and current President, Anita Negri, shared their journeys and led chapter presidents to collectively share oikos’ current impact and aspirations. In this process chapter presidents created the first building blocks of our bridge towards sustainability in economics and management. This bridge would later also link all the Learning Circles and offer a... »

Student Reporter becomes Pro Journo. Congratulations!

08 November 2014 | News

What started in 2009 as an exploratory project to bring student voices to reporting on international sustainability conferences is taking wings: Our Student Reporter programme becomes Pro Journo. Congratulations! Student Reporter emerged from a cooperation between oikos and the Mercator Foundation Switzerland in 2009, bringing together 10 students as online reporters to the World Resources Forum in Davos, Switzerland. In 2011, two years and several reporting projects later, oikos PhD Fellow Tim Lehmann took the initiative to a next level and established Student Reporter as an ongoing oikos programme. Since then, he and his colleagues – in particular Sunmin Kim who joined the team in 2012 and became the programme’s managing editor in 2013 – developed the initiative... »