Economics Learning Circle Updates

24 October 2014 | News | Economics

The Economics Learning Circle Does continuous upscaling of production and consumption allow economies to live within their ecological limits? Is technological efficiency the adequate answer to cope with rising greenhouse gases and finite resources? Do societies really have to permanently “grow or die”? Within the Economics Learning Circle we will discuss these questions and focus on the challenges of our current economic system. The growing Degrowth-Movement opposes the primacy of growth and tries to find alternatives to the system – not least to foster social equity and to create resilient ecosystems. As the movement pushes sustainability goals, we want to particularly draw attention to its content, its history and its main actors. Moreover, we will discuss in how... »

Leadership Learning Circle Updates

21 October 2014 | News | Education, Leadership

The Leadership Learning Circle  “My name is Claude and I have the pleasure to serve as the coordinator of this circle. Being, sort of, a dinosaur with some 25 years of oikos experience in my backpack, I am absolutely convinced that oikos chapters are living laboratories for leadership development. Yet, at least during my time as the president of oikos St.Gallen, I did not unleash the learning opportunities flowing from our many projects, roles and diverse community. A little reflection here, and a smart tweak in the process there, would certainly have allowed us to grow more and have more impact. I am sure, you are doing better      😉 To explore and capture this treasure is... »

Finance Learning Circle Updates

17 October 2014 | News | Education, Finance

The Finance Learning Circle Finance is at the core of sustainability – or lack thereof. Capital flows are a key factor in the development of our societies. Ensuring that they reflect long-term economic, social and environmental criteria is critical. As a result, what is being taught in finance classes and the research that is developed in finance institutes is a big deal. Making sustainability an integral part of this is essential. We – a group of oikos members and alumni – want to contribute towards reaching this goal. Our session at the FutureLab will focus on the integration of sustainability in finance and on how to promote such integration in teaching and research of finance schools. We will... »

Fashion (Supply Chain) Learning Circle Updates

14 October 2014 | News | Education, Fashion, Supply Chain

The Fashion/Supply Chain Learning Circle  Fair fashion, sustainable shirts and organic underpants – that is what we want. But what changes need to be pushed on in order to achieve a more sustainable product? What steps within the fashion supply chain are concerned? And in what ways can oikos impact on this transformation towards more sustainability? Through a co-operation of oikos Maastricht and oikos Reutlingen this Learning Circle was brought to life, to answer those questions. We started of with a research for current models of the fashion supply chain in order to be able to identify the most important stakeholders and/or multipliers. Additionally traditional and new challenges of the fashion industry were defined. To this theoretical basis... »

Entrepreneurship Learning Circle Updates

12 October 2014 | News | Education, Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Learning Circle Mendel, Leeuwenhoek, Archimedes, Galileo aren’t just famous people. What makes them famous, is their ability to transform an idea into an innovation. And looking behind, we have to admire what they did. These people passed on their intellect heritage for generations together hence making this society a better place to live in.  They are etched in our memories, when you look at the stars you think of Galileo and when you weigh you remember Archimedes. These people what we call the Change makers, the Innovators… THE ENTREPRENEURS!! DO YOU INTEND TO CHANGE YOUR COMMUNITY? With the first meeting with the group members of the Entrepreneurship Learning Circle, I am more than assured that this... »