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Cases Publications

Walmart: Love, Earth

Case Abstract   This is the story about the efforts of a social entrepreneur, Assheton Carter, to create a meaningful initiative with Wal-Mart in ethical mining.  His idea:  to...
Cases Publications

Bio-Vert: Green to What Limit?

Case Abstract   Based in Canada, Savons Prolav is a small manufacturer of the environmentally-friendly Bio-Vert brand of cleaning products. Brother and sister Yan and Bianka Grand-Maison took over...
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Case Abstract   In 2001 Tom Szaky, a Princeton freshman, founded TerraCycle in the hope of starting an eco-capitalist company built on waste – worm waste to be exact....
Cases Publications

Crediamigo: Partnering with VivaCred?

Case Abstract   Fortaleza, Northeast Brasil – Marcelo Azevedo, Urban microfinance manager, and the planning committee of Crediamigo, Brazil’s largest microfinance institution need to figure out an entry strategy...
Cases Publications

Nuru Energy

Case Abstract   Nuru Energy is a social venture that was created in 2008 by an MBA graduate with five years experience in the development sector. The entrepreneur starts...
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