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Green Camp

Green Camp aims to raise awareness about caring environment and creating the strong ties among people and nature through trainings, thus, the participants will be well-informed about sustainability and...

oikos Vienna Semester Opening

This event will be held in German, however, English speakers are more than happy to come as well The introduction will be in German, but from 7:30PM on, we...

Guest lecture by Katherine Richardson

Dear oikees, Time is flying, projects are running and we are well on our way to continue to promote sustainability at CBS and beyond. But what is sustainability? What...

Info event about oikos Case Competition

oikos Case Competition is finally here with three new and exciting case companies!!! ➡️ GN, Danske Bank and Nordic Development Corporation We invite students from all universities in the...

Why your money matters

Oikos Copenhagen presents a night on sustainable pensions, investments and consumption and what there is to know on these issues as a student. We’ve invited some fantastic speakers from...

oikos Presidency Information Call

The information call on oikos presidency will take place on 12th February. This event is related to the ongoing Call for the oikos International President 12/02/2020 at 6:30pmZoom Login:oikos...