Become a Student Reporter at the World Resources Forum 2013 in Davos, Switzerland

19 May 2013 | News

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oikos enters Canada

01 May 2013 | News

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Student Clubs Shape Universities into a Proper Place for Personal Development

01 May 2013 | News

How could students improve learning environment at their universities? Why is it still difficult for them to get involved in university governance? What should Georgian universities do in order to implement sustainability in their structure? These were crucial questions discussed during the Youth Forum organised by oikos Tbilisi. Youth Forum, Tbilisi After issuing the report on “Examination of Higher Education Reforms and the Quality of Higher Education in Georgia” last year, oikos Tbilisi has started another big project focused on active involvement of students in university education and governance. In April, oikos members supported by the Open Society Foundation organised the Youth Forum in order to find strategies how to improve the current university education. The forum brought together 90... »

oikos Measures Carbon Footprint

12 April 2013 | News

The student initiative Carbon Neutral Campus has measured the HSG’s carbon footprint. The report serves as a basis for the improvement of the climate balance sheet. More... »

Energysavers 2012

24 March 2013 | News | Energy, Infrastructure

“We want you… to become an Energysaver!” – that was the message addressed to students of four greatest Warsaw universities in November and December 2012 that expressed the main idea behind the Energysavers project. The fourth edition of oikos Warsaw initiative devoted to promoting sustainable energy consumption was fully supported by oikos International Project Development Fund. The Energysavers project was aimed at uniting students to make a difference. oikos Warsaw attempted to convince them of the importance of saving: the project was to prove that saving money may be easily combined with saving the natural environment. The grounds for the success of the project was an innovative combination of education, practice and the sense of competition and achievement: about 400... »