oikos Newsletter March 2017

09 March 2017 | Newsletters

Warmer days have come with March already here! While you book your tickets for the Spring Meeting in Hamburg to #UseYourPower, don’t forget to check out how to compensate your CO2 emissions. Read more about it in our Podio Intranet, where you can now also look out for a carpool or a couch to sleep. Thanks to the dozens of active contributors in our Intranet, good news now spread faster: Did you know, you can now plant a tree with every couple of web searches with Ecosia? Assignment writing just became a force for good! If you can’t make it to Hamburg, look out for other possibilities to stay in touch, like the Webinar on “Leading for More... »

oikos Newsletter February 2017

13 February 2017 | Newsletters

February is a busy month indeed! In the northern hemisphere, the world begins to defrost and glides slowly into warmer times, adding a bit of sunshine to our lives. And the oikos community always knows how to make hay while the sun shines! We kick off February with the oikos Asia Meet in Kolkata and subsequently visit the oikos Winter School in Witten. March is going to be about taking sustainable decisions, with the Spring Meeting and Legislative Meeting taking place in Hamburg. If you wish to broaden your network, don’t forget to have a look at the alumni portrait of Varun Sarda from oikos London, who is now with RBS. Meet our newest EB Member, Prudhvi Gadiraju,... »

oikos Newsletter January 2017

09 January 2017 | Newsletters

A very happy new year to you all! 2016 was the year when oikos members from around the world committed to walking their talk at the FutureLab. In 2017, we ask you to take this commitment ahead. Why don’t you take a leap into the LEAP webinar, happening on January 18th? But there’s more in 2017! You also have a chance to take a short trip across the globe and attend the Asia Meet in Kolkata in February or to up your green collar by attending the Winter School on Sustainable Fashion. End of March, attend the Spring Meeting in Hamburg and learn about your power as a consumer; apply until January 22nd. 2017 is also the year... »

oikos Newsletter December 2016

08 December 2016 | Newsletters

Nature always knows when the winds, tides, and weather are changing. It always welcomes this change with gusto while at the same time being more enriched by what the last season taught it. Similarly, oikos is enriched with a new President. We welcome Levan  Pangani and extend our wishes to him as he takes over at the oikos headquarters for the next two years. November is never a quiet month, especially with the FutureLab, the Leadership Meetings and lots of Alumni activity. Read all about the exciting outcomes in this edition. Keep the dice of sustainability rolling by applying for the oikos Spring Meeting on Consumer Power in Hamburg or engaging with the oikos Winter School on the... »

oikos Newsletter November 2016

07 November 2016 | Newsletters

On Sunday, 6 November, oikos members from around the world assemble for the FutureLab in St. Gallen. The conference brings together oikos stakeholders to share their experiences and strengthen their ties for joint initiatives towards a sustainability-packed curriculum. Read up on how you can join us via live-stream and social media! Just before the FutureLab, the journey towards sustainability leadership has begun for 50 young minds at the oikos LEAP kick-off. If you are an Alum of the oikos network, watch out for the oikos Alumni Debate on Smart Cities taking place this month in Zurich. If you’re far from Switzerland and would like to start alumni activities in your region, connect with us and become an Alumni... »