oikos Newsletter June 2018

11 June 2018 | Newsletters

Welcome to our newsletter! We are delighted to announce that applications for the oikos FutureLab 2018, as well as for the oikos leadership program – LEAP are now open. We encourage our members and alumni to apply until September 9th, 2018. We are also proud to reveal the winners of the 2018 oikos Case writing competition and would like to invite you to review inspection copies of our winning and runner-up cases here. In the June edition of our newsletter, you can read about our webinars on Cross Cultural Management and on Creating Behavior that Lasts. We also share with you oikos Guide to Pluralist Economics and insights from the Knowledge Exchange Expedition. In the alumni part of... »

oikos Newsletter May 2018

10 May 2018 | Newsletters

Welcome to our latest newsletter! We are delighted to announce that FutureLab 2018 will take place in Geneva, Switzerland on October 26-27. But before we kick off our flagship event, we have planned a packed summer full of interesting developments. So stay tuned and follow our updates. In just a few weeks, on June 6, we will host a LEAP-KEE webinar on Cross Cultural Management. The LEAP Advanced Track participants will also come together for their last webinar with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. oikos Alumni network is getting stronger as we welcomed new alumni ambassadors in India and France. You can learn about how Indian alumni network is set to become more dynamic and meet Fanny Bancourt, new French... »

oikos Newsletter April 2018

10 April 2018 | Newsletters

At oikos, we hope you have enjoyed the warmth and life-giving power of the spring that finally came with the first days of April. This month, we want to build on the excitement sunny days bring and share a wonderful news with you: oikos Suzhou, our first chapter in China, joined the oikos community. In addition, oikos Belgrade and oikos Lund became full chapters after a Legislative Assembly in the Spring Meeting. Register for the LEAP Webinar “Campaigning in Universities” and tune in on April 10 at 18:00 CEST. Apply to become part of the oikos Germany Meeting 2018 until April 9, 2018. In April, our alumni will gather in 4 cities across two continents, in Paris (April... »

oikos Newsletter March 2018

17 March 2018 | Newsletters

It’s Spring fever at oikos! We had a very fruitful month, that lifted our spirits and inspired many of us to lead change towards sustainability. We also have some news to break: Clémentine Robert, oikos Reims’ alumna, former oikos EB and current oikos Outreach Manager, was elected as oikos President 2019&2020 with the majority of votes during the Spring Meeting 2018. She will officially take office in October 2018. In addition, we have published the oikos Annual Report 2017, where you can find all the information about the preceding year in our community: our programs, chapters, and the team. In this edition of our newsletter, read about the oikos Spring Meeting and oikos LEAP President Track Meeting, that... »

oikos Newsletter February 2018

08 February 2018 | Newsletters

February will be a busy month in the oikos community! We will kick off the oikos Asia Meet 2018 on February 9, so keep an eye on oikos Jamshedpur page,  watch lifestreams from the event and do not miss out on mind-boggling sessions. Visit oikos web-page to learn about upcoming events from oikos chapters and discover interesting oikos workshops or seminars in your area. In this February edition of the oikos newsletter read about the oikos LEAP webinar on Strategy, where over 70 oikees discussed the oikos strategic priorities for 2020. In addition, learn about a series of workshops on Pluralist Economics led by oikos Associate J. Christopher Proctor.  In the remainder of the February, he will hold... »