Time to Apply: oikos Winter School 2017

08 December 2016 | News

The 13th oikos Winter School “You call it Eco. We call it Common Sense. Sustainability in the Fashion Industry” will take place from 5th- 11th March 2017 in Witten, Germany and addresses the issue of sustainability in the apparel industry. The topic of sustainability in the fashion industry has been brought into the public eye by scandals such as the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in 2013 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, or alarming studies on the effect of chemicals used in production of raw materials. Low wages, unfair employment conditions and violations of freedom are often associated with parts of the global apparel industry. Furthermore, following the oil industry, the textile industry is the second largest contributor to... »

The FutureLab Team Looks Back

07 December 2016 | News

Organizing an international conference with little experience and great expectations will always be a challenge. But since 2014, a team of young and enthusiastic oikos members has proven that it’s possible to create an event that delivers impact, connects people and changes mindsets. Hear from our oikos FutureLab 2016 how they experienced the past 9 months and what they take away. “We chose the topic #Walkthetalk, very carefully with long discussions and basic reasoning. It summarizes all the buzz words that we have been hearing for few years now. All the more it represents action, which is the need of this hour. On the last day at the conference, when I heard the participants discuss- “It was a... »

oikos Alumna Katlego Moilwa: “We got the attention of South Africa’s Presidency for our work”

06 December 2016 | News

Serving as the Human Resource Officer, and later President of oikos Johannesburg, remains one of the most challenging tasks I have faced. Our projects were ambitious; we were working with little support infrastructure on our university campus; and we were learning by doing. Prioritizing Sustainability among Pressing Development Challenges in South Africa Sustainability was a new and fairly unexplored concept in the region. Our job was not only to contextualise sustainable development and make it relevant, but also to motivate for its priority among the pressing development challenges South Africa and the region faces. Our youth, passion and drive charted the path to the successful implementation of our projects. Our proudest moments include carrying out a simulation of... »

Moving Forward: oikos Learning Circles

01 December 2016 | News
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Almost a month has passed since the oikos FutureLab 2016. High time to trace back their actions since the FutureLab. Learn more about their plans and how you can get in touch. Finance LC The Finance Learning Circle was small, but full of ideas. The participants shared their ideas and plans for Chapter projects, discussed the feasibility and made commitments. Projects include promoting a solar rooftop on the university’s buildings by presenting financing possibilities; fighting online loan sharks by creating awareness for the downside of lax legislation; debating the plans to abolish cash; and many more. If you are interested in joining the debate and share learning experiences, join the Podio Workspace or contact *protected email*. Fashion |... »

Smart Cities: The Link between Housing, Mobility and Energy

01 December 2016 | News | Climate Change, Energy, Mobility

On November 15, oikos Alumni came together for the fifth Alumni Debate  in Zurich, Switzerland. The developments on the intersection of urbanization and digitalization were at the center of the debate. Because the way we live in cities is drastically changing, oikos Associate Christoph Rappitsch chose the rubric Smart City as the vantage point of the discussions. What are the innovative technologies which will rebuild the foundations of housing, mobility and energy and form Smart Cities? To discuss the different aspects of Smart Cities a handful of oikos Alumni joined him as panelists in the discussion: Annette Kern Ulmer (Head Strategic Projects, ewz; oikos St. Gallen) Ronny Kaufmann (CEO, SwissPower; oikos St. Gallen) José Ibarra (Independent consultant; oikos... »